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Neutral Gets Neutral Offers

Have you ever been advised to paint all of your walls white and make your home look neutral?

Sellers far too often will blanket their homes with neutral colors and invest time and money to transform their home into neutral-topia. However, this isn’t what sells a home or what increases the value of your home. Neutral can help not scare buyers away, but it can also make your home like all the others on the market. This is why going neutral can cause neutral deals.

Before you go and paint your house basic colors, take the time to clean your home. Remove the clutter and make your home look spacious. Then, take the time to wash and clean your light fixtures in rooms and increase your homes’ brightness by adjusting your window coverings. Dark spaces in your home will then be easy to identify. These are the rooms you will want to freshen up with paint and with a brighter color. Using this tactic, you will save yourself a pretty penny and increase the value of your home by improving your home perception to buyers.

Then if you want to increase the value of your home even more, put funds toward the following improvements:

  • Refresh your kitchen
  • Update your bathroom
  • Invest in curb appeal

Putting funds in these items will help set your home apart from others on the market. These are the most value-driven aspects of a home, and you can make improvements quickly. We recommend reaching out to your real estate professional to learn more about what buyers are looking for in these spaces. Their input can help to make sure you are taking the time to make the necessary updates and not the wrong ones. Shoot for amazing offers when selling your home – don’t settle for neutral.

Your real estate professional at RE/MAX Capitol Properties will make sure to direct you accordingly for the best results. It is essential to find a professional you can trust and make sure to be prepared to do your part as a seller to help. Contact us if you are looking to sell, and remember, we will make sure you are positioned for success!

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