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Negotiate Like a Champion

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Negotiating is an art, it is true and our RE/MAX Capitol Properties Agents are true artists.

RE/MAX Capitol Properties Agents are master negotiators. Their champion approach requires them to be the best of the best but always setting the bar for optimal results. Just like an Olympian, our Agents look at the big picture and every transaction is an opportunity to grow, learn and master skills.

  1. Establish a relationship: You need to have a relationship with fellow agents, community members and industry professionals to create a network of opportunity. With extensive experience in the industry our Agents have lasting relationships that get activated the moment our clients are in need.
  2. Honey over vinegar: Have you ever seen those movies where the bad cop doesn’t get anywhere but then the good cop gets all the information out of the person they need. Well, apply that to this. Honey goes a long way and when you are dealing with a big purchase like a home, honey makes the whole transaction sweeter.
  3. Win-Win is the win: Like in the Olympics you compete as a Nation and hope to place individually in your area. You want to be supportive of the whole team and strive to get the best results for all. Compromise is necessary and looking at the situation from all perspectives is the way to determine the best negotiating approach.
  4. Keep the balance:  You have to be mindful that when purchasing a home, it is business but it is also very personal. As the master negotiator you know how to lean on business to generate results but also know how to cater to personal objectives for the best outcome.
  5. Sustain a pace: When negotiating keeping a time-frame is of utmost importance. As the negotiator championing the deal through you have to be aware of how urgency entices action. Therefore, you have to create urgency, even if there really isn’t much of it. It helps everyone stay on track but also makes it so their full attention is on the objective of completing the deal. If it extends beyond the expectations of the group, often times others involved in the deal become less engaged. This is not what you want.

These five skills are critical and all of the agents at RE/MAX Capitol Properties have full access to their personal networks and expertise, as well as our team of agents. We are a family who firmly believes in getting the best results for everyone. A “win” for one is a “win” for all of us at RE/MAX Capitol Properties.

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