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My First Love!


I have been reflecting on my love of HOME in celebration of National First Love Day on September 18.

I realize that every loving memory I have includes a home and a person or people. I know I’m not alone when I think of sayings like “Home is Where the Heart Is” or Christmas songs that include “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”

The first home I remember loving was my great-grandma’s home. We called her Gam. I remember loving everything about her and the excitement I had as we’d arrive in front of her home. I loved the smell, furniture, yard, but most of all, I love her. We always had big family feasts at her home where all the best dishes were used and then had to be washed by hand since she didn’t have a dishwasher.

My first memories of my early childhood home are from the year I spent on my grandpa’s ranch in Shell, WY. The front door had three little windows in it that would allow the sun to shine through, and it would highlight the dust particles in the air. I was fascinated by it and would grab at the particles. I never did feel those particles in my hand, but I kept trying day after day. I also loved going through the surrounding yard, kneeling, and “playing” with the maggots living underneath the cow patties. How’s that for boosting my immune system!

My next childhood home was in Worland, WY, after we moved off the ranch. It is where I would jump down ten steps at a time running through the house like a wild person, swing from the enormous weeping willow tree we had in our backyard, and use my imagination to play school, restaurant, and casino with my friends. My first memories of going to school, Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, trick or treating, baking, and listening to music with Casey Kasam each week were captured during my years in this home.

Now we build memories as we are raising our kids for 16 years in our home, I watch them walking through each phase of life, from learning to sit up and walk to riding bikes and driving away to high school. The imaginations each one has displayed amazes me. Oh, the stories these four walls and this yard could tell.

This walk through memory lane makes me fully understand why homeownership is a big part of the American Dream. I’m thankful to be part of a company that is making owning a home a reality for many!

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One Response to “My First Love!”

  • Aunt Betty
    Written on

    Great memories in your blog, Steph.
    You are so right about the American dream.

    How fortunate our family has been throughout the years. We are blessed. Thank you for sharing your memories. I lived with Gam the summer after high school. I had a job at the South Big Horn Co. hospital working as a nurse’s aide.
    We would drag main and then go to the A&W
    For a “beer”! She thought that was hilarious.
    Take care.

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