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My Basement Is Flooded What Do I Do?

“Rain rain go away” is what I am hearing many people say around Laramie County this week!

Rain makes our yards, trees and flowers beautiful, but it also causes extensive property damage too. We currently have a bucket sitting under our new skylight where the rain is dripping from the new roof we put on a year ago. We also have a rental property experiencing a flooded basement. I know we are not alone in our water issues as we continue to watch the rain fall steadily.

What should I do when my basement floods?

  1. Figure out the source. Determine where the water is coming in and block further water if possible.
  2. Check surroundings. Confirm the water is not interfering with electrical outlets.
  3. Isolate the problem. Remove as much personal property as possible from the water filled area and setup barriers to prevent water from going elsewhere.
  4. Remove the water. Start extracting the water with a wet/dry vac.
  5. Get a pro. Call a professional carpet cleaner to extract the remaining water, prevent mold issues and remove the smells that can come with water damage. Water not removed properly can cause mold and cause further damage.
  6. Replace what’s necessary. Replace any drywall that is not salvageable and flooring.

What should I do when my ceiling leaks?

  1. Find the source and protect. Determine where the drip is coming from and place a bucket under that spot. If it’s just in the ceiling but not an exact location try to remove items from underneath and cover the general area with plastic or a tarp.
  2. Call a pro. You will need to get this repaired by a professional and have the exterior assessed to prevent it from happening again.

Hang in there friends! Summer is bound to show her face soon!

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