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Moving Requires Informing

Moving is the close of one chapter and the opening of another!

When you are moving, various activities are required to make sure you are fully moved, especially if you are moving beyond your existing neighborhood and going to a new community.

When you sell your home or are ending a rental property lease, you need to make arrangements to get the keys turned over to the right person. Also, supply any vital information regarding the property. You can sometimes be in such a hurry to get your items that you are not thinking of what you need to leave behind and to the right people.

Also, when you are moving, you may have to cancel memberships and then shop around for new ones. This could be to a gym, networking chapters, churches, etc. In some instances, it could also be seasonal tickets to sporting or art events or even a subscription to a streaming service.

You will also need to get your medical records if your move requires getting a new general practitioner and for your dentist. Another common entity you’d need to consult and transfer information over would be your selected pharmacy. Ensure that information is updated in all the right places not to impact any medicine delivery, etc. The same goes for school and legal records, and don’t forget about your fur babies! You will want to reach out to your vet too.

Overall, these activities take time. Therefore, we recommend building out a list, going down it one by one, and making sure everyone is informed. If you have in mind where records need to be sent, then make sure to supply them with that information when you connect. Consult your real estate professional if you need help thinking through some of this. They have years of experience and a network of support.

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