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Mothers are the Real Deal


Mother’s Day is around the corner and the moms in the area are feeling the love!

We had great stories shared on a social media and we selected the 5 below winners who received $200 (of course to spend with their mamas).  We can all agree that our mothers shape who we are and are most certainly are the best support system and of course friends. It is amazing to see that moms are being recognized for their selflessness, kindness and their inspiring stories.

Tanya Reid Gerdes My mom is the most selfless woman I have ever known. She puts her family and others first before ever thinking of doing anything for herself. I always say that she has a special place in heaven waiting for her. Love you Mom! 

Doreen C Wright My “Mom” (mother in-law) is the best woman ever. She has taken me in like a daughter, she is a very sick woman who pushes herself to live. She puts God and her family first, very loving and caring. 

Another reason why the celebration of Mother’s Day is so important is because it gives us a moment to reflect on their strength. They can get through anything and shine the way.

Nicole Klassy My mother is the most positive and strongest person I know. Even after my Dad passing away over 10 years ago, she held her head high and always made sure my siblings and I were taken care of and showed us how strong she was. She’s my hero. 

Danielle McCarthy My is the best mom because even when we messed up as kids she still showed as love, she supported us though the death of our dad even when she should have fallen apart. Naomi Young My mom is the best because although she was not perfect, she did her best. She was both mom and dad to us. She raised six kids by herself. After all of us kids were finally out of the house she thought she would have it easier, but whenever one of her children or grandchildren needed a place she always said yes. When she retired and was on a fixed income if we needed something she always found a way to help. She was a caring woman to her children, their friends, her friends, and grandchildren. She was also tough. We were never scared if mama was there. She now has dementia and is living in an assisted living facility. Even with Alzheimer’s she will try to help the other patients walk, or help the nurses clean the tables. She may not have been perfect, but she is a blessing and was the perfect mom for me.

Our community is rich with amazing mothers and role models. We are forever grateful for being comprised of leaders, influencers and most of all amazing mothers! Happy Mother’s Day all!


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