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Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Merry Mondays

Like most of us, Homeee loves a tropical getaway, and the Botanic Gardens provides that local solution.

This last week Homeee was at the Botanic Gardens enjoying its beauty and amenities. It is a great location to host events, with several rooms available for reservations. The community has a great list of these options, from the nearby Kiwanis Community House and Old West Museum to the Cheyenne Depot, Laramie County Library, and more. Thank you to everyone who has participated last week in sharing, what music you like to enjoy during this season. From listening to classic carols and holiday gospels, as holiday favorites, to recent artists like Michael Buble, Kelly Clarkson, Backstreet Boys and Carrie Underwood. We love that music can be such an important part of our life. It is a great way to connect with others, hence music being core to the best of holiday parties!

Do you have your holiday party planned? We are full of great solutions if you are looking for a venue this holiday season for a party. In addition to these venues, several private businesses offer venue solutions, leading us to this week’s clue.

Most wonderful time of the year:

Whether you wear a button up shirt with a pocket of pens

Or a holiday dress covered in festive sequins

Every holiday party needs a great location

This is a common fact across the whole Nation

At times it can feel stressful to get everything lined up

Find some staff to help so you don’t erupt

Do it before you reach a Dwight issue

Where, “You quit on Christmas, Christmas quits on you.”

Pick a place to celebrate, like this venue

Fun activities like virtual golfing, yummy food, and a cocktail bar

To having a great place to enjoy comforting cigars

Where is Homeee, the elf?

Know where Homeee is? Here is what to do next:

  • Follow Homeee, the elf, around Cheyenne by liking our Facebook and Instagram.
  • Look for posts sharing where Homeee is hanging out to be entered to win.
  • Read our prompts and share a little about yourself.
  • Then heart the post, and share.
  • You will then be entered to win, $200.
  • Enter weekly and increase your chances of winning!

Remember, go to our social media and take a look to see some images and prompts. We will enter you into our drawing to win and remember to participate.

Must be a Laramie County resident to win. Thank you for putting your trust in us, Cheyenne! We are SOLD on our community!

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