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Merry Mondays: Christmas Tree Traditions

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Christmas trees are a delightful tradition of the holiday season.

Each home receives new focal points for the holidays, and often this is adding beautifully lit Christmas Trees. There are various ways to uphold this tradition, from having artificial lit Christmas trees prelit coming out of the box to assemble the tree and add the lights. And some even maintain the tradition of having an actual real pine with the natural aroma for the holidays. For Merry Mondays, we asked folks what their tradition is, artificial or real, and what we learned was enlightening.

Many households have the tradition of putting up several trees, and some even do one real tree and one artificial. We heard from some folks that they have the tradition of going up to the woods and chopping down their very own tree. Those stories reminded us of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation! The hard work of getting a real tree pays off though because the smells are truly that of the holidays and brings the outdoors indoors. The downfall to having the real Christmas tree is that the needles sprinkle throughout your house and can sometimes be challenging to clean!

Whether you add a Christmas tree to your household during the holidays or not, the best part of it are the simple traditions you can enjoy with loved ones. We love that part of Christmas, and we love the opportunity to reflect on them with you all on our Merry Mondays. 

Speaking of Merry Monday’s for the 4th-week giveaway, congratulations to Michelle Mingming. We so appreciate everyone’s engagement in this week’s post and all the weeks leading up. It is a weekly activity we all get to look forward to, so thank you. 

Merry Christmas to you all, and we hope you have the best holidays!

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