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Merry Mondays 2023: Week 6 – Santa’s Secret Cookie Spot!

After strutting through Brown’s Shoes with his feet feeling fine, fashion and festivities go hand in hand, and many of you have shared your favorite festive footwear stories.

The choices are endless, from sparkling heels worn at holiday parties to comfy boots perfect for a winter walk. We are thrilled to know how shoes can hold so many cherished memories and stories.

Homeee’s taste buds tingled with a yearning for a sugary treat. Following a trail of crumbs and joy, he landed in an enchanting store in Downtown Cheyenne’s twinkling streets. Now, we’ve all heard whispers about Santa’s love for cookies. Legend has it that Mrs. Claus and the elves have a sweet secret: Santa’s true favorites are in our town! The North Pole buzzes with tales of these delicious delights every festive season.

Did you know? Starting November 20, 2023, keep your eyes peeled and spirits high as our mischievous elves, flit around Cheyenne. The mystery of where he’ll be each week is as exciting as the holiday presents wrapped under your tree. Following his adventures could also lead you to win $200 cash each week! How, you ask?

Share your favorite baking memories, long-time generational or newly formed ones.

The essence of ‘home’ is not merely about bricks and mortar but rather the memories and stories that dwell within its walls. It’s the comforting aroma of freshly baked cookies, the echo of laughter from gatherings past, and the warmth of shared moments. These become integral characters in our life’s unfolding story. And, speaking of stories, here’s your mystery clue for this week.

Santa’s Mysterious Hint for Homeee’s Whereabouts:

Amidst snowflakes and carol sounds,
In Cheyenne, a cookie haven is found.
Warm, chewy, with flavors profound,
That’s where Homeee might be around.

For every child, and adults too,
These cookies are a dream come true.
Search every nook, every cookie queue,
And you might find Homeee, munching a cookie or two!

To our cookie lovers and merry makers:

  • Trail Homeee’s escapades by staying tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Stay alert for posts sprinkled with crumbs of clues to win an exciting $200.
  • Engage with our sugary prompts, reminisce about your cookie memories, and reveal your beloved holiday cookie.
  • Remember to sprinkle some love with a heart and share the joy!
  • Head to our social channels for mouthwatering visuals!

Cheyenne, your wonderful tales and trust warm our hearts like freshly baked cookies. We’re totally SOLD on our community’s festive charm! From our families to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas! Only Laramie County residents can claim the prize.

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