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Merry Mondays 2023: Week 5 – Stepping into the Holidays!

As Homeee wraps up his sweet journey at The Donut Shop, each doughy delight and sip of seasonal latte brought to life the rich tapestry of holiday traditions.

Your shared stories of holiday treat treasures added a unique flavor to this festive season. Thank you for letting us into your celebrations and making these moments more memorable. Here’s to the sweetness of the holidays and the memories that bind us together!

Now he’s onto stylish steps! Our adventurous elf Homeee is taking a stroll through Cheyenne. This time, he’s exploring the world of footwear. Located in the heart of Cheyenne, Homeee is in the go-to destination for shoe enthusiasts. Are you looking for that perfect pair to complete your holiday outfit? Or perhaps a gift for a loved one?
Share with us the first pair of shoes you remember receiving as a gift!

Want to learn how it works? Each week, starting November 20, 2023, keep your eyes peeled and spirits high as our mischievous elves, flit around Cheyenne. The mystery of where he’ll be each week is as exciting as the holiday presents wrapped under your tree. Following his adventures could also lead you to win $200 cash each week! How, you ask?

Find Your Perfect Fit with this week’s clue:

Some shoes are bold, some shoes are neat,
Some make your outfit feel oh-so-complete.
From polished boots to heels so high,
Find where Homeee’s hiding, oh my!

Amidst laces and buckles and shoes that shine,
In a store, all of the choices, which one’s mine?
Seek him out in aisles so wide,
Homeee’s waiting, nowhere to hide!

If you’re eager to join in on the fun:

  • Stay updated with Homeee’s escapades by following our Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Keep an eye out for posts revealing his current hideout for your chance to win $200.
  • Engage with our prompts, share your favorite shoe stories, and maybe even a shoe selfie!
  • Don’t forget to heart and share the post!

Go to our social media platforms for darling visual clues. Participate actively, and who knows, you might just be the lucky winner this week!

Remember, participants must be Laramie County residents to win. Cheyenne, your unwavering support and love motivate us to do more every day. We remain ever-committed and SOLD on our community’s vibrant spirit!

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