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Merry Mondays 2023: Week 4 – Sweet Treats & Endless Eats!

Following our delightful dive into a world of knowledge at Laramie County Library, Homeee, our playful elf, craved something sweet to nibble on.

That said, sitting at the heart of south Cheyenne, this sugary haven offers a range of delicious treats and captures the season’s warmth, love, and joy.

It’s no secret that holidays and sweet treats go hand in hand. From festive cookies to lattes that taste like Christmas, Homeee loves how perfectly this week’s location represents the tradition of indulgence during the holidays. We’re sure you have your beloved holiday treats passed down through generations or perhaps recently discovered. Please share them with us and relive those cherished and new memories, too!

How does it work? Starting November 20, 2023, keep your eyes peeled and spirits high as our mischievous elves, flit around Cheyenne. The mystery of where he’ll be each week is as exciting as the holiday presents wrapped under your tree. Following his adventures could also lead you to win $200 cash each week! How, you ask?

Now, we have a fun little riddle to guide you to Homeee’s location in this week’s Merry Mondays:

Frosty Delights & Icy Nights!

Twinkling lights and a sprinkle of sugar,
A place in Cheyenne where cravings grow bigger.
Hole in the middle, but full of delight,
Our elf is hiding, out of plain sight.

Morning or evening, it’s always a treat,
Warm beverages, maple, and eats that are neat.
If you spot our elf, doing a silly dance,
Capture the moment, you might get a chance!

For all the sweet-toothed residents of Cheyenne:

  • Continue the merriment by following Homeee’s frolics on our Facebook and Instagram.
  • You can win a prize of $200.
  • Engage with us by sharing your festive treat memories.
  • Don’t forget to heart, share, and spread the joy!

Hurry over to our social media channels for delicious visual hints and clues. Dive in, participate, and make this season’s Merry Mondays the most delightful yet!

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