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Merry Mondays 2023: Week 2 – Creativity Unleashed!

Merry Mondays homeee the elf maverick tree remax capitol properties
Homeee the Elf, Merry Mondays

Paint, Pottery, and Passion! Homeee’s Next Stop Revealed!

After a captivating week at Lincoln Theater, Homeee, our playful elf, turns towards creativity and the joy of pottery! Nestled in the heart of Downtown Cheyenne, it’s a haven for both newbies and pros. Dive into the mesmerizing art world and create your masterpieces this holiday season. 

What are your favorite crafts or creative activities to do during the holidays? 

Downtown Cheyenne is a treasure trove filled with countless unique businesses. Each shop offers something special for everyone. Let’s prioritize our local businesses this season and find that perfect, heartfelt gift for our loved ones, friends, and business associates.

Why is Merry Mondays our favorite tradition? At RE/MAX Capitol Properties, we’re more than just a real estate agency. Led by Steve and Stephanie Prescott, our real estate agency is deeply rooted in the community and committed to fostering local ties and uplifting businesses. Our businesses and community members are the lifeblood of Cheyenne and Merry Mondays brings everyone together. Our tradition of Merry Mondays is a small token of our appreciation for the continuous support and trust you’ve shown RE/MAX Capitol Properties.

How does it work? Starting November 20, 2023, keep your eyes peeled and spirits high as our mischievous elves, flit around Cheyenne. The mystery of where he’ll be each week is as exciting as the holiday presents wrapped under your tree. Following his adventures could also lead you to win $200 cash each week! How, you ask?

Here is this week’s clue!

Now, a little poetic riddle to hint at Homeee’s next hideaway:

In Cheyenne’s bustling downtown flair,
A shop stands out, with artistry rare.
From brushes to glazes, all in a row,
To the kiln’s fiery dance, and ceramics that glow.
Step in, and you’ll feel the creativity in the air,
And maybe spot an elf with a mischievous glare!

Steps to join the fun:

  • Engage with us on Facebook and Instagram, following Homeee’s adventures.
  • Spot posts that showcase Homeee’s current location.
  • Interact with our prompts heart, and share the post.

For a chance to win $200!

Enjoy the holiday magic, participate, and let the festivities begin! Remember, only the lucky residents of Laramie County are eligible to win.

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