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Merry Mondays 2023: Homeee the Elf’s Dazzling Return to Laramie County

Are you wondering where Homeee might be in Laramie County, or the city of Cheyenne?

Tis’ indeed the season of gratitude, joy, and the spirit of community that binds us all in Cheyenne. As the days grow colder and homes twinkle with holiday lights, our hearts warm with the thought of giving back. At RE/MAX Capitol Properties, our commitment to our community goes beyond real estate; it’s about fostering bonds, nurturing hopes, and making every season memorable. Whether handing keys to a homeowner, saying goodbye to those whose Cheyenne chapter has closed, volunteering hours, making community donations, or celebrating with our team and their families, our 2023 journey has been incredible. And now, as the year is close to turning a new page, we’re thrilled to rekindle the magic of our favorite tradition – Merry Mondays!

For those who haven’t been part of Homeee’s journey before, here’s your chance!

Starting from November 20, 2023, keep your eyes peeled and spirits high as our mischievous elves, flit around Cheyenne. The mystery of where he’ll be each week is as exciting as the holiday presents wrapped under your tree. Following his adventures could also lead you to win $200 cash each week! How, you ask?

 Simply engage with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

  • Spot posts revealing Homeee’s latest escapade
  • Engage with our prompts by sharing a bit about your holiday joys
  • Heart the post and share it

Every week offers a fresh chance to win until January 1. The last Merry Mondays winner will be chosen on Monday, January 8, 2024.

Here’s a little poetic tribute to kick things off. Starting November 20 watch to guess where Homeee is in the Cheyenne area?

 Merry Mondays shimmer with glee, 

And at the heart of it, Homeee, the elf, we see! 

His laughter, joy, and holiday zest, 

Make every Merry Monday, truly the best.

 Throughout the year, he’s on a spree, 

Discovering places in Cheyenne, full of glee. 

Now winter’s here, and he’s in his prime, 

Bringing festive joy, one business at a time.

 Snowflakes, carols, and holiday lore, 

Homeee’s magic is so much more. 

Indoors he goes, finding fun galore, 

Sweet treats, entertainment, and more.

Head to our social channels to get started!

Cheyenne, are you ready to share in the captivating charm of Merry Mondays 2023 with RE/MAX Capitol Properties and our little elves?

Let the mystery games begin on November 20!

NOTE: Only Laramie County residents are qualified to win.

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