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Merry Christmas

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Moving is always stressful. Moving to a new part of the country where you have never lived would be even more stressful.

Imagine arriving to the town you have chosen only to find that there were no homes available. In fact, there are events taking place that have filled up every single one of the hotels anywhere in town and even on the outskirts of town. You arrive and find that nobody knew you were coming.

You are self-employed, but have no jobs lined up this close to the holidays. You have a massive tax bill that is due in less than a week and to top it off, your new wife is pregnant and due any day. Being new to town, you have no friends you can call and none of the local churches are willing to help.

Leaving your wife out in the cold night air, you resort to going in every hotel and business and begging for a place to stay. “Just two or three nights, please? We just need to get on our feet. Besides, my wife is due any minute.”

Rejections come fast and furious. Nobody cares about you, your wife, your situation, and not even the newborn baby.

After the last rejection, you go back outside to find that your wife has gone into labor and you become desperate. You make it to the outskirts of town just as her contractions get more pronounced and much more painful. She whispers that there is no time left as you run into the only hotel that sits on this edge of town. It doesn’t take but a minute for the manager to greet you with the same bad news. But, you can no longer take no for an answer.

“Please, sir! My wife is in labor with her first. We just need any place where she can give birth. Can you not spare even a little room or a closet?”

Pausing for a moment, the manager looks at you and at your wife sitting outside in the cold. A look of kindness passes over his face and he responds.

“I have nothing here, but my barn is warm enough and will protect her and the baby from the cold winds. You may stay there for a few days.”

A little over 2000 years ago, a young couple named Mary and Joseph left their little home to travel to a new part of the country. On the night they arrived in Bethlehem, there were no rooms available. However, with no choices left but to accept a bed of hay in a smelly stable filled with animals, the Christ child was born. A King who had left everything behind to come to this earth and took on human flesh.

What a miracle story that would have been to behold!  Yet it was announced by a host of angels and only seen by a handful of shepherds. Today, we have been blessed with so much including the ability to purchase a new home. We don’t have to sleep in a barn with the animals.

No matter where you are in the process of finding a new home, here at RE/MAX Capitol Properties, we are ready to help you each step of the way.

In the meantime, today is a day of celebration with families. So, enjoy and take just a few moments to Remember the Reason for the Season.

Merry Christmas!



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