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Mail Must-Knows When Moving

There are so many things to remember when moving and the stress can compound. Don’t let your mail be one of them!

Did you know you can register a temporary address with USPS® when you are moving? This can be helpful when you are moving to a new community but not yet in your final destination but a hotel or temporary stay of sorts.

It can also be beneficial if you are interning or doing only a quick job in an area. Whatever the circumstance, USPS offers short-term relocation solutions. 

You can set it up simply by visiting their website, and going in is not required; in fact, it is preferred to do it online! All you have to do is complete a temporary change-of-address with the postal service.

Once you have this complete, you can anticipate that first-class mail is being directly delivered to you for a set time, which you will be required to disclose upon submitting the online form. Once the specified time is reached, you can file a permanent change to forward your permanent address. Something worth noting is the temporary change of address won’t include marketing materials or package services. We recommend updating your information in as many places as possible to avoid confusion. 

Whether you are doing a temporary or permanent address change, anticipate paying a small verification fee with a debit or credit card upon filing online.

Once you have successfully registered online, you will want to look for a verification letter in the mail at your new address. This will help to make sure you have everything routed correctly.

If you know your address and it is your final destination, go ahead and file online for a permanent address change. There is no need to do a temporary change if you plan to be there going forward and have no end date! This little piece of information can help alleviate a lot of worry for our clients who are moving. We live in a military community, so not having a final destination upon a move is pretty standard; that is why we wanted to equip you with what you need to know before you wonder where that important letter is!

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