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Less Can Be Best!

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That moment when you realize you are keeping up a home and doing lots of work but question if it is necessary!

We get it. Many of us have been there. Whether it is the moment when your kiddos move out for the second time but this time for good, or that moment when you are transitioning out of a relationship and the home is emptier than you remember. We get in a rhythm to try to maintain and take care of what we have but do we need to? Sometimes, this is when you have to take a deep breath in and realize, you can down-size. Yes, it takes work to get prepared for a smaller home but it can be very rewarding. Once you do it, you can realize that “less can be best.”

Here are just some quick tips on how to approach downsizing:


Assess how much space you need and start living in those prime areas of your home for a few weeks. An example of this is if you want to move to a one bedroom, shift your current home around to assess the feasibility. Pull the necessary items out of the other bedrooms into the rooms you plan to utilize and condense your living space in your existing home. This can help you realize quickly what items you truly need and what items you can live without. It can also tell you if it is realistic to make that kind of adjustment. If you find you need perhaps 2 rooms then, consider shifting your living style in accordance to that. This is the best analysis before even looking to buy. Often times you will say you are ready to downsize but when the time comes it becomes overwhelming. A method like this helps you to visualize the essentials and understand all that you can do to sell, donate and store to make the transition to a smaller home.


Write down all the elements you love about your current lifestyle with the shift in your existing home and make a “wish list.” Give this to your real estate agent, then he or she can keep a look out for these features.


In the meantime, start going through your home room by room and start putting items in a sell, donate, store, or trash pile. Sorting items out like this room by room will help you slowly eliminate items and get to a comfortable amount for your new home. Also, take the time to make small home repairs and clean up the various rooms with a fresh coat of paint, a good vacuum and get the home ready for the market.

Whether you are ready today or not quite yet to sell your home, connect with one of our top RE/MAX real estate agents at 307-635-0303 or online to set up a time to discuss your needs and timeline. We have decades of real estate experience to help you make the transition easier and more streamlined. We are here to guide you through the process.

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