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Landscaping Musts In Cheyenne

Fall Lawn Care by REMAX Capitol Properties


We live in the magic plains! It is magic because it is a beautiful place to live.

Make your home standout by making it part of the magic plains reputation by following these “Must Do” landscaping tips. They are simple but once you do them you will have a low maintenance look that demonstrates great curb appeal.

Not all landscaping is created equal. When designing your landscaping you need to remember this. If your home has a large tree out front in your yard, embrace it. Make that a focal point and design the landscaping to draw your eye to that featured element of your home. This can be done by creating levels. Have high and low flower pots or even utilize tall grass species to draw the eye upward and off the ground.

Pop of color is needed but not easy. When you live in the magic plains you also have to deal with the colors the plains are adorned with. During the first part of summer when it rains frequently green is an easy color to come by but when it starts to dry off it turns to a golden landscape. Therefore you need to mix color into your landscaping. This can be done with the color of rocks used or even the color of pavers. When planting flowers you can purchase colorful flowers that require less water and sunshine for the best results.

Weight of your landscaping is a factor. Cheyenne is a beautiful community in the plains. With this landscape we have to think about how the wind will treat our landscaping. Buying flower pots that have weighted and heavier bases can help prevent them from falling or even shift around on windy days. Also, this plays a factor in choosing filler for segment areas of the yard. Because mulch is lightweight, it can often blow away. Therefore rock tends to perform better in our community for a long-lasting look.

These basic elements will help to enhance your yard’s landscape and elevate your home’s curb appeal.


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