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Jason West RE/MAX Capitol Properties Agent

Photo by Blue Sage Photography, Jennifer Bohlig

Re/Meet Jason West, RE/MAX Capitol Properties agent!

Enjoy learning more about Jason and his family. They were recently interviewed by Angela Burge for an article in STROLL, The Pointe magazine, below. I’d like to thank her for highlighting Jason and his family!

Jason West had a non-traditional career path that led him to real estate.  His background is what makes him so perfect in his service to the community as a realtor. Born and raised in North Dakota, Jason attended Bismarck State University and obtained his Medical Technologist degree. After spending two years in a microbiology lab in Bismarck, Jason moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1995.

Upon moving to Cheyenne, Jason realized that medical technologist jobs were very limited, so he started exploring other career paths.  He ended up working with Terrell Doyle in auto sales and until 2014, Jason worked his way up through the ranks at various automobile dealers in Cheyenne, from sales, to Sales/Finance Manager, and eventually to independent used car dealership owner.

 In 2014, Jason was ready to move on from the automobile industry.  He had a family and realized that he aspired to have a better work/life balance.  So, in August of 2014, after researching several different real estate brokerages, Jason joined RE/MAX Capitol Properties. Jason was drawn to RE/MAX initially for their family vibe. He felt at ease when interviewing with Steve Prescott, Broker/Owner, and knew that this was where he belonged. 

Over the past eight years in real estate, Jason has pulled from his background that taught him how to listen to what people really want. His goal is to match clients’ wants and needs with their new home. He will walk you through all steps of the buying/selling process and ease your nerves.

Jason takes the most pride in making the home buying and selling process easier, seamless, and less stressful. He is responsive, available and will keep you updated during each step.  He is great at thinking outside of the box to find solutions for all of your needs. Most fulfilling for Jason is seeing the new families come into their new home.  He loves seeing the kids run into the house and pick their room. He especially enjoys selling you your next house and seeing his clients moving into the next phase of their lives.

Jason’s experience provides advice for you as a home buyer or seller.  Jason feels it is important to educate yourself. Listen to professionals in the industry as well as conducting your own research. Don’t only go to one mortgage lender or realtor; talk to several to see who is the best fit for you. Do your due diligence in regard to the property you are interested in. Sit in front of the house at sunset to see what it feels like.  Sit with your window down and listen.  Is it too loud or is it just right?  Spend some time driving around the neighborhood at different times of the day.  And, don’t forget to get all the recommended inspections.

When Jason isn’t working, you will find him with his family.  You might remember reading about his family in the inaugural STROLL The Pointe March 2022 publication as Jason and his family are Pointe residents. Or you might know him for his white pickup truck with the RE/MAX logo and his picture on the back window parked in the neighborhood.  Jason is married to Katie and between them, they have three children, Micah, Jake, and Holt along with two dog children, Bob and Casper. They love living in The Pointe, especially for the parks, schools, and the community itself!

Jason attributes his success to active listening which was gained from his upbringing and his unique career background. Jason grew up on a ranch in North Dakota where he established his work ethic and sense of community. It is this sense of community that Jason feels through being one of the sponsors of STROLL The Pointe. He is excited to be a neighborhood sponsor while supporting his neighbors and reading about their stories in STROLL. Jason looks forward to meeting you and assisting you with your next big decision in the home buying or selling process.  Please reach out to him at 307-757-7921 or stop by to see him at 4000 Central Avenue. He is ready to help you find your dream home!

Again, thank you to Angela for writing this article on Jason and his family!

Photo by Blue Sage Photography, Jennifer Bohlig

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