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Integrity Between Customers and Agents

I love the career path that I have chosen. Part of the enjoyment comes from being able to help others find a home of their dreams.  It involves helping them find something that they are investing in for their future instead of lining the pockets of a landlord.  I realize that some people are only in an area for a short time due to things like job changes or family dynamics.

To that end, I spend a large amount of money each year making my career a worthwhile investment.  When I contact a seller for a potential new listing, I can confidently look them in the eye and tell them that I invest my own money every year to help each of my clients either sell or buy a home.

Statistically, almost 90% of all buyers will first start looking for a home online. This is a good thing and it is also something that my wife and I do when looking to make a purchase.  However, I have noticed a growing trend that ends up costing me time and money just like other realtors who spend time trying to grow their business.

Like some realtors, I have a system that allows clients and customers to sign-up to view properties at their leisure.  My style is not to browbeat or hard-pressure a potential client into using my services, so I prefer a more laid-back approach.  I do use email, text, and even call each person that signs up, but not all even bother to return an email or text.

Of late, I have lost a few clients who have been using my system for months and then gone with a different agent with whom they have had ZERO contact previously.

Why do I mention this? Because integrity is important. Integrity means that I do what I say I am going to do for you on your behalf.  But integrity should go both directions. If I am helping you and we have been in contact regularly, please allow me to help you take our investment of time and money across the finish line.

It is disconcerting to work with potential clients and customers only to hear a voicemail or get a text telling me that they decided to walk the last two steps with a new agent that has not helped them get to this point.

Not all agents will call you, text you, or email you, and some agents you will struggle to EVER get a response from.  However, when you find one that is willing to help and seeks to do the job that they promise, then help them out by good feedback.

Give the same kind of integrity that you expect from your new agent.

Investing Time and Money in and for YOU!



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