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Inspections and Repair Requests Part 2

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You found your dream home, inspections have been completed, now what?

You’ve chosen which systems you would like to have inspected; whole home, plumbing, heating, electrical, roof and/or structural. You had a qualified professional do the inspections and now you have the reports back. Where do you start? First make sure that you pay attention to the repair request deadlines in the contract.

Your agent will gather the reports for you and then work with you to determine a plan of action. Often the noted repairs on the inspections will be more than the amount agreed to in the contract, so you will need to determine the order of importance and significance of each repair.

What do you do if the contract says $1000 in repairs, but the reports show $2300 in possible repairs? You’ll need to prioritize the items needing repair that will make you comfortable to move forward with the transaction. From there you may be able to explain your position and demonstrate the importance to the seller. Work with your agent to propose your case and negotiate; that’s why you’ve hired an agent!

Be patient and kind. Typically the buyer and seller can come to an agreement if both parties try to keep emotions from running too high and also looking at it as a business deal and not a personal insult. Much of the success of a real estate transaction comes down to trust. If you are able to trust your agent, then together you’ll be able to make it a win win for both parties, you and the seller. In the end if you are unable to come to terms on the repair requests then you will be able to cancel the contract.

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we are here to guide you through the home buying and selling process. Give us a call at 307-635-0303 or visit our website to set an appointment with one of our Buyer Specialists.

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