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Independence Day Wy(HOME)ing Strong Way


Our community is like many in history because we were incorporated into a county and city the same year the military base called our community home.

We have seen the men and women who serve our country first hand in our community. They are our neighbors, our family members, our childhood friends and they are business owners. Cheyenne is ranked as one of the best places to live for veterans and this stems from having a local VA Medical Center, access to a volume of resources for veterans including the Laramie County Community College and the University of Wyoming, just 45 minutes away in Laramie, supply education to our military members. We also have notable public schools and so much more.

With this strong link between our community and the military, we also have the spirit. Our community is resilient, has grit, is kind, and understands the importance of servitude. We think above all, our community understands when we need to step up to the plate to lead and we have the wisdom to know when it is best to look to others for support. This attitude allows us to achieve better outcomes as a community and do it with love and compassion. We love our home, we love the strength that resides with its residents and we love that we are in Wyoming. A recent perfect example in our opinion was the #FORMAK 5K race that brought hope out of a local tragedy. Mak was killed in a cross walk on his way to McCormick Junior High in November 2021. His mom Janelle shared her story in this video with Stephanie Prescott. Thank you to everyone in our community for rallying around Janelle.

That is why we wanted to share with you our Wy(home)ing Strong message. We wanted everyone to remember who we are, where we came from, and what we can achieve when we focus on keeping our community an amazing home!  We have heroes in our community who deserve to be celebrated, recognized and appreciated! That is why we hope you will celebrate Wy(HOME)ing Strong this Independence Day and do it in memory of all of our heroes.

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