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In “Their” Shoes

Walk a mile in their shoes.

Look through the lens of your buyer. If you were walking through your home, what would you notice? Would you notice that there is an outlet cover missing? Perhaps you would notice that there is a cupboard that makes a strange noise when it opens and closes. Or perhaps you will notice the sounds that you hear from within the home that are best left outdoors because you live by a busy road. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and then think through the elements you need in your home to make those improvements. Sometimes it can be something as simple as WD40 but other times it requires you to perhaps put a focal point in the room to draw the eye of the buyer.

For example, a buyer walks into a room and it currently is not staged, it is vacant. The buyer has to imagine what it would be like with furniture, it might be hard to picture how a TV would fit, or perhaps it is hard to imagine the space with your current dining set. Whereas if you have the space staged to include a TV and furniture gathered around it, the buyer can think less about what it “could” be like and start planning their move-in date. Think about it. While the buyers want to find the right home they may also be busy and could end up feeling overwhelmed with the process. The easier the process, the better the experience. Consider staging your home with EASY button techniques to attract potential buyers.

Easy steps to accomplish your EASY button experience:

  1. Walk through your home with a friend and ask them what they notice. General observations can help you see it through the eyes of a buyer.
  2. Use the list of general observations to determine if it is “good” or “bad.”
  3. Capitalize on the “good” list and draw the attention of the buyer to the elements which would most attract them.
  4. Prioritize and fix the “bad” observations.

It really is as simple as that. If you want to make sure that you are addressing the right things, repeat this process or step one with several different people. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time or money to make your home more marketable. If the time is right for you to sell your home, then check out these extra tips!

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