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I am so Excited!


I am so excited!

Are you excited?

Shall I tell you what I am excited about? Great! Glad you asked. I am so excited about:

  • A very loving and supportive wife and family
  • Another day of life
  • My faith in God
  • An incredible career opportunity with RE/MAX Capitol Properties
  • The great Christmas we just had
  • Food in the pantry
  • A wonderful 2017
  • A new 2018
  • Fresh starts
  • Great clients looking to sell their home
  • Great clients looking to buy their home
  • First time home buyers
  • A great town to live in
  • New military personnel coming to FE Warren
  • Snow on the ground
  • The upcoming Spring

My list could go on and on! If you sit down and determine what you want to do in 2018 and what you have accomplished in 2017, you would probably have to agree that there is so much about life in general to be excited about. There may be a great deal of bad news out there, but we each have to choose how we will live our lives.

As for me, I choose to be excited, even about the little things of life.

Here at RE/MAX Capitol Properties, we are finishing out 2017 with some incredible successes. We remain #1 for average transactions per agent and an increase in our market share for the Cheyenne area.

In addition, we are already hitting the ground running with a number of families who will be in their new house by the end of January. They decided to keep shopping over the holidays and will enjoy the making of new memories in their home for 2018 and beyond.

So, what are you excited about today?

PS – I am also excited that tomorrow my wife and I celebrate 28 years of marriage! I know that is incredible, because she doesn’t look old enough! Seriously, marriage is not always easy, but we are excited about the next years as well!

Thanks for the memories of 2017!


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