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How to navigate a supply chain crisis over the Holidays

It is no secret that 2021 has been a hard year for many Americans. Between painfully high inflation and supply shortages, the fast approaching 2021 Holiday season may leave many families feeling anxious.

With backed-up ports, a strained trucking industry, and labor shortages, a supply chain crisis is looming. Experts are warning last minute shoppers that they will likely be met with empty shelves when it comes to many popular gifts. We have been blessed with a prosperous country and economy for so long, sometimes we forget just how lucky we are. Hopefully this supply crisis will be behind us by this time next year, but until it blows over, here are some solutions.

Shop Early

If you have gift ideas in mind, try to purchase them as soon as possible. The sooner you can get your shopping done the better chance you have of getting everything on your list, plus, if you are ordering online you’ll have plenty of time to account for any shipping delays. 

Shop local

What better way to buy a Christmas gift than to help out your community while doing so? With online shopping more popular than ever, many small businesses have struggled immensely since 2020. Shopping locally not only helps small business owners keep the doors open, but also helps ensure they can have the financial stability to enjoy the holiday season with their family as well. 

Prioritize Family Time over Gifts

As we get older, we begin to realize the thing that brings us true joy isn’t what’s laid under a tree, but the people around us. If buying extravagant gifts ever interferes with your ability to pay bills on time or provide for your household, put responsibilities first, it’s ok. If buying gifts for everyone isn’t doable, find something that you all can enjoy together. Maybe that’s a game night, or a family bake-off, or hosting a meal with all your favorite friends. Family traditions have to start somewhere, this year could be the beginning of a tradition your family carries through generations. While quality time with your family might not sound exciting in the moment, trust me, no matter how many or how few gifts are under the tree, it’s the memories we make together that we cherish all our lives.

Wishing you very happy holidays from RE/MAX Capitol Properties! Thank you to guest blogger Donica Enevoldsen for sharing these holiday planning tips!

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