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How to be a real estate investor?

Many individuals have learned more about real estate investment benefits with the great televisions show like “Flip or Flop” or “Fixer Upper,” to name a few.

Real estate investment can help provide financial freedoms because you can make money without formally having to make the revenue directly. Typically to invest in a property twenty percent down on the sales price is recommended to provide a qualified offer. Taking the time to visit with a preferred lender to determine a reasonable investment for the cash or liquidity you have on hand would be a significant first step. Additionally, to be a successful real estate investor, it is imperative to know the market trends to ensure your offers are reasonable and align with the market expectations. Before assessing the market, it is good to see if you are making short-term or long-term investments because different longevity has to be taken into consideration for potential equity enhancements.

A trusted team can be the difference when becoming a successful real estate investor. You want to make sure you are surrounded by professionals you enjoy working with and who have interests in supporting you in enhancing your properties’ value. Working with a real estate professional to keep an eye out for potential investments continuously and to be a trusted advisor on the market place can help you to make favorable decisions that will allow you to achieve your fiscal goals.

Kevin True is a real estate investor and a real estate agent at RE/MAX Capitol Properties. When he transitioned from being an electrician to a real estate professional, he read many helpful books to make the leap. Check out the Financial Friday video below to learn more about how Kevin became a successful investor and how you can do the same!

Please give us a call if you would like to learn more about how to become a successful real estate investor and to begin shopping for your first investment – (307) 635-0303.

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