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How To Be A Good Guest

In a recent blog we covered the basics of being a good host, so we wanted to take a look at the other side of the coin and go over what makes a good guest. With the holidays fast approaching, many of us will be visiting family and friends. Entertaining company can be a stressful ordeal, but here’s what you can do as a guest to make things easier on your host.

Bring something

It’s good practice to contact your host beforehand and ask them if you can bring anything. If they say no, bring something anyway. Some great gifts include wine (if they drink), flowers, or a dessert.  

Respect their home  

From the moment you cross their threshold, keep respectfulness in mind. Remove your shoes, especially if you’ve been in snow or mud. Clean up any mess you make, use coasters for your drink, don’t snoop, and always close the lid after using the toilet. If you’re staying overnight make sure to keep the space you’re sleeping in tidy and make your bed in the morning. Don’t bring your pet over unless your host has made it very clear that they are welcome.

Offer to help 

Having company in your house can be a lot of work, make sure your host doesn’t burn themselves out waiting on you. Help with the dishes, or at the very least take dirty plates to the sink after dinner, unless your host seriously objects. If you are visiting for an extended stay, offer to help with chores, make a meal, or take your hosts out for dinner.  

Don’t overstay your welcome

As Ben Franklin once said, “guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” In general, limiting your stay to three days is a good rule of thumb. Of course, all rules have exceptions, especially when you’re visiting a long-distance friend or family. They might want you to stay for a longer visit, and if this is the case, just be sure to communicate with your host about the length of your stay. 

Say thank you

Be sure to thank your host when you get ready to leave! Sending a thank you note when you get back home is always a nice touch, especially if your stay was an extended one. You might even consider sending a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant if your host went out of their way to accommodate you.

Whether you find your self playing the role of host or guest this season, we hope you find joy in spending time with loved ones and friends. Maybe you are wishing for a house with more space so you can host instead of being a guest. Or you might think to yourself “if I had a smaller house, I’d have an excuse not to host.” However you feel about being a guest or entertaining guests, we won’t judge! Give us a call  at 307-635-0303 and see what your options are! Whether you want to downsize or upgrade, we’re happy to help find the home perfect for you!

Thank you Donica Wilkins for sharing these tips on how to be a good guest!

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