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How Moving Can Give Your Life a Fresh Start After a Loss

Coping with the loss of a loved one isn’t easy. Many people find that bereavement gives them the impetus to make changes to their life, perhaps moving to a new area where they can start a new life and cope with their grief in fresh surroundings. Moving your home is a big decision for anyone, and one that can be a particular challenge for someone who is dealing with loss, but there are many reasons it can make sense. RE/MAX Capitol Properties wants to share some of the benefits of making this move.

You’ll Have a Chance to Make New Memories

If you’ve spent years, or even decades, living in the same town or city, then you’ll most likely have memories of your loved one everywhere you go. Some people find it easier to work through grief in new surroundings, where they get a chance to make new memories. Moving after a bereavement is a personal decision but one that many people are glad they made.

Moving to a new area can help people make new friends and means they can redecorate their house in a way they feel honors their loved one’s memory, while still being a fresh start.  Even moving to a different neighborhood in the same city can be enough of a change of scenery to help someone cope with the challenges of starting a new life alone. This gives you the opportunity to take up new hobbies and find things to occupy the mind.

Moving is a Chance to Let Things Go

Your home is likely full of your loved one’s cherished possessions. Selling, donating, or disposing of those items is often hard to do. Moving house can give someone a reason to start the difficult task of sorting through those belongings. There are many senior move managers who can help with packing up the things you want to take with you.  There are even professional relocation services that can help with the other aspects of selling a property and moving to a new area, taking away the stress of relocating.

Working with a therapist can also help you to move forward with your life. You can look at virtual therapy options or find a well-reviewed therapist in your new area. These therapy options can give you insight on your grief and help you to find new ways to find happiness after your loss.

Downsizing Can Reduce Your Daily Burden

After spending years in a big family home, coping with an empty nest can be a shock. Not only that, but bigger houses cost more to heat and require more effort to maintain. Downsizing could save you money and stress. It’s worth researching the average price of houses in Wyoming before looking for a new property. The median price of houses in Cheyenne is around $311,000; however, homes can be found for less. Downsizing could unlock the equity in your property, giving you funds to donate to charity or cover living expenses.

See Moving as an Opportunity

Moving home lets you make new memories, meet new people, and declutter both in terms of possessions and your emotions. Consider the price of buying a new home, and talk to the experts at RE/MAX Capitol Properties about the financial aspects of selling your old family property.

Thank you to guest blogger, Clara Beaufort, for sharing these important ideas for people working through the loss of a loved one.

Photo Credit: Ketut Subiyanto via Pexels

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