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Honor All Who Served & Supported

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They put our Nation before themselves and prioritized our lives above their own. That level of selflessness is beyond admirable and having last month, Military May, to stop and reflect is the least we can do. Take a moment to bring into your thoughts those who have served and simply extend your gratitude to all for their sacrifices. Now, stop to extend the same appreciation to their families who supported those soldiers.

Next, we challenge you to think about one way (just one) to get reacquainted with our armed forces and all that they have done and currently do to keep our Nation safe. This is so important to Cheyenne because we are home to one of three missile bases in the United States. We are also a prime destination to learn about the history as it relates to Nuclear Deterrence and various military innovations. Here are a couple recommendations in Cheyenne to visit and gain an even better appreciation for those who served and the loved ones who supported:

Cheyenne is a friendly and welcoming place to live, so I believe those are reasons many military families choose to retire in Cheyenne. We have a beautiful VA Medical Center in town too. Having been a Cheyenne realtor for 23 years I have had the chance to work with many military families and it is always a pleasure! Thank you to all past and present military members for all that you do for our country.


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