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Home Projects to Add to Your To-Do List to Speed Up the Selling Process

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Are you ready to sell your home in Laramie County?

Check out these tips from our guest blogger Clara Beaufort of

If you’ve ever listed your home for sale, then you know it can feel like it takes forever. Sometimes the market is slow, and sometimes you’re just a little impatient. Whatever the case, there are a few home projects you might consider taking on to speed up the selling process.

Clutter Is a No-Go

Clutter makes your home look lived in, but it can also prevent future buyers from being able to picture themselves living there, so a true purge is a must. Pull out the trash bags, donation boxes, and storage bins, and go room by room. Break it up into manageable chunks, starting with what you can see before moving onto the bigger stuff. You won’t get rid of everything, and some stuff you’ll be on the fence about, so rent a storage unit to keep your space open and clutter-free for showings, not to mention it makes the big move easier. The average price of a self-storage unit booked in Cheyenne over the past 180 days was $75.26.

Stage Your Home

Once the clutter is gone, you can stage your home, making it look like the buyer’s home, not yours. Focus on the main rooms (kitchen, living room, bathroom), and depersonalize, add touches that bring the room together such as drapes, mirrors, paintings, throw pillows, rugs, and accent colors. These next few home projects are a part of the home staging process as well.

Switch Up Paint Colors

A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference — to the tune of a sale price increase of 1 to 3 percent — but make sure you’re reaching for the right shade. Whites are a popular choice for the exterior, while the interior looks best with neutrals such as whites, greys, beiges, and light blues. If you enjoy bright colors, add them via pops of color with a rug, lamp, or wall hanging. You can add color to the outside by painting the door. Keep in mind that painting might cost you an average of $2,400 for the exterior and $1,245 for the interior, so if you’re not afraid of a little paint and painter’s tape, do it yourself. However, DIY doesn’t apply to everything; electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and roofing are all professional fixes.

Make Quick Fixes for Big Results

You don’t have to take on a huge renovation to see results:

In the kitchen:  Switch out the cabinetry hardware, paint the cabinets, update the backsplash, add an island, or add extra storage via a pantry

In the bathroom: Switch out cabinetry hardware, paint the cabinets, update faucets/shower heads, add new light fixtures, put in a new fan, paint/add trim, replace the toilet, or add new countertops or a vanity

In the bedroom: Add accessories, update the ceiling fan, add new bedside lighting, install new window treatments, update bedding, add a floor rug, or install new ceiling lights

Update Your Landscaping

What’s inside your home is important, but the first thing buyers see when they pull up is the outside of your home, so don’t create a bad impression from the start. To get things started, clean up your yard if needed, including mowing, weeding, raking, trimming, and pruning. Then, explore ways to add curb appeal. You can use hardscaping such as a sidewalk, bench, or steps to add flower beds and shrubs, but whatever you do, make sure to emphasize the rite of passage. Essentially your landscaping should be done in a way that takes guests right to the front door instead of getting lost in a sea of flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Selling your home takes time. As such, selling your home on a faster timeline takes extra effort. So, explore ways to add value to your home that not only increase the sale price but also speed up the selling process to boot.

Guest blogger Clara Beaufort of

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