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Hanging Out the Laundry


Each year on April 19, Project Laundry List works with hundreds of other organizations to sponsor National Hanging Out Day.  This day was set aside as a day to encourage communities to learn about the benefits, both financially and environmentally, of using a clothesline for drying laundry.

According to Project Laundry Lists’ website, clothes dryers account for an astonishing six to ten percent of residential energy consumption.  Hanging your clothes out has several benefits:

  • Good for the environment

  • Saves you money

  • It is therapeutic because being outdoors in the fresh air has benefits to your health

Green energy, renewable energy, wind energy, environmentally friendly – These are some of the buzzwords that have been growing in popularity over the last few decades.

Now, on the cusp of entering the 3rddecade of the 21stcentury, millions of the younger generation have never known what it means to live without hearing these words.  Millions have no clue what life was like with no blue recycling bin at the back fence.

Real estate is no different as the push for energy efficient homes grows.  Now, you can earn tax credits or even subsidies if you buy certain types of appliances, new windows, certain types of hot water heaters or furnaces, and even if you choose to install a small solar array on top of your house.

With today being a reminder to take free advantage of the wind to dry your clothes, this is also a great time to remind you to look for ways that you can save some energy.  By doing so, it not only benefits your home, but it also benefits your pocketbook or wallet.

A few ways that you can save money and energy:

1) Use your dryer less and put the clothes outside on a line.

2) Turn off unneeded lights or electric items when you leave a room or leave for the day.

3) Have a timer installed for your furnace thermostat and if the house is empty during the day, drop the temperature by a couple of degrees.

4) When shopping for appliances or electrical items, price the energy efficient models and see how much it could save you in the long run by paying a little more upfront for a better model.

For those shopping for a new house, feel free to call us and let us help you find the home of your dreams – a home that will help you also save money by being energy efficient.

Bringing You Energy Efficient Advice,

Mark Escalera, MRP – Cheyenne Realtor

PS — ** The featured picture is a home in a town located just 65 miles south of the Arctic Circle in Greenland. If they can dry clothes on a line in Greenland, I am sure we can here in Wyoming.

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