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“Hands Up” Chamber Hits $100k With Event!

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What happens when you bring more than a 100 Chamber members together to meet some lofty goals?

In Wyoming… in Laramie County… and in the City of Cheyenne, the members of the Chamber are exceptional and when they brought together to accomplish a goal, they CRUSH IT! Plus, they have a blast while doing it. The Chamber brought in Jimmy, the New Jersey big dawg to lead us once again. He is always amazing in reminding us of the importance of the purpose of a solid Chamber and how we must work together for the greater good of the business community to make things happen. What really needs to acknowledged here is that we are all in the market place competing but when we are working as a Chamber, we are invested in building a better community. Because an investment in a better community means we all win!
We have an amazing Chamber of Commerce. In fact, the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is a 5-Star Accredited by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and is one of the Top 3 Chambers in the Nation by the Association of Chamber Executives. Not only that, the Chamber accomplished another amazing milestone with this year’s Membership and $100,000 of contributions was captured in just 3 days. RE/MAX Capitol Properties was proud to lead the Sub-lime Team for this Membership Event and we just want to simply say “Thank You” to all who participated. We are so fortunate to have your support! We at RE/MAX Capitol Properties are firm believers in the work of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce and are proud partners of this organization. We will continue to be involved in its efforts to create a more prosperous and quality community.
Chamber Event RE/MAX Cheyenne WY Blog
The Goal: $100,000
* That’s an average of $16,667 per team
* Or just $2,778 per Chair & Captain on each team
* Only $556 per team member, assuming teams of 30 people
* Less than 1.5 new members per person
The Actual: $100,000
* 120 Volunteers
*152 New Partners
* 28 Upgrades
* All in 3 Days
Meeting this goal allows the Chamber to drill down and focus on major initiatives; community, economic and business development.
Dale G. Steenbergen, President/CEO, Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce said this in a follow up email to the membership,

“We live and work in a great place!  I am constantly humbled and amazed at our business community and their commitment to our home.  This week more than 100 volunteers helped us reach out to new chamber investors.  The result was more than we could have imagined.  Thank you so much to all the volunteers who helped us bring in over 150 new partners and 100K to the chamber.  We are truly blessed to live in a community with people who believe in our future and are willing to put their work and money into making it so.

Next week is Thanksgiving and I for one am thankful.  I am thankful for all of you, our members, who never balk at giving back to their community.  I am thankful to live in a place with a vibrant economy, low crime rates, good education opportunities and quality healthcare.  Most of all I am thankful to live in this special corner of Wyoming we call home.  I hope that all of you have a peaceful and Thankful Thanksgiving.”

I had the opportunity to be a Chairman for the group! I want to thank my captains; Paula Poythress, Rob Kilian, Brandon Swain and David Pope! Shout out to the highest closers on my team; Paula Poythress, Rebecca Hess, Rob Kilian and  Michele Bolkovatz! Together our Sub-Lime team placed second by one membership and $4000. Below are the Chairmen that need a high five when you see them; Max Carre, Sharon Fain, Dennis Humphrey, Gregg Jones and Tara Nethercott! Good work friends and thank you to everyone who said yes to our team and community!
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