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Guide for First Time Investors

When deciding what to do with your funds, it can be hard to explore all the options. 

We recommend assessing how best to invest your funds rather than simply spend your money. The difference is that you are putting your funds toward something that will grow your money, which is referred to as an investment. Investing in real estate is a brilliant way to generate funds, and there are several financial vehicles in place to help you do this safely for optimal equitable growth. What to consider when investing in real estate is what type of real estate. Here are real estate investment types to consider: 

Residential Rental:

  • Cheyenne and Laramie County have a healthy rental market because of the continuous rotation of residents due to the primary health care systems in the area and the military. If you invest in a residential rental, you will want to consider what type of renter you desire and find a conducive home. Would you like to rent to families or singles? If you want them to attend college, then something near the community college may be a good fit. Think about the type of renter and work backward to determine the most suitable property. 

Commercial Rental:

  • Many people want to operate a business but don’t want to invest in the actual building where their business resides. If you are interested in a business rental, you will want to ensure the property has the elements needed for the business type you wish to pursue as a tenant.

Land Investment:

  • If you can purchase land in a certain part of Cheyenne and Laramie County and either invest in its development or wait until others can buy it from you for a premium price once demand increases in that area, then buy land! 

If you want to learn more about investing or access some public resources available to you, the Wyoming Secretary of State has information. We are also ready and happy to visit with you and guide you!

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