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Green Home Products That Could Save You Money

Everyone is thinking of ideas on how to save money as we watch prices on about everything rise. RE/MAX LLC recently shared these ideas below.

Saving money on electricity and saving the environment are the standard benefits of going with eco-friendly fixtures and appliances. However, some homeowners take it to the next level by leveraging the latest in home-tech. Here are some of the cool products that are innovating eco-friendly housing.

3-D Printed Homes

You may have heard about 3-D printed homes, but did you know that the construction company Mighty Buildings can print a 350 square foot home in less than 24 hours? The company is set to create an eco-friendly 3-D printed community of 15 homes in Rancho Mirage, California.

Smart Faucets

There are many eco-friendly appliances you can use in your home, but one that’s come a long way recently is the smart faucet. Now, Kohler has created a voice-activated smart faucet that can react to your commands to dispense certain quantities of water, preventing waste and saving time. Smart faucets can also save water by using motion-sensors that automatically turn water off and on at the wave of a hand.

In-Home Recycling Center

While the world is more aware of recycling options, many people want to do more. Lasso Loop has created a new device the size of a dishwasher that cleans, shreds, and compresses your recyclables, cutting down on how much trash ends up in landfills.

We haven’t seen 3-D printed homes here in Wyoming yet. Who knows where innovation and technology will lead us in the future. It kind of reminds me of the Jetsons!

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