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Go for Broke!

GO for Broke Blog

Celebrated each year on July 26, National All or Nothing Day allows people to throw caution to the wind and go for broke.

We all have dreams we hold back, decisions left to make or plans uncompleted. On National All or Nothing Day people break free of everything holding them back. Everyone has at least one thing that they would like to overcome, need to do or want to do but might be fearful or hesitant to do. This is the day to go ahead and do it, take that first step and go for it.

Whether we make a public announcement, apply for the job we’ve been eying, or mend a fence, sometimes we need to take a left turn. When other days on the calendar don’t urge us to make a decision or change, this one will. Define your goal. Enlist help from a friend or family member to encourage you. You can even choose a challenge you can do together. Whatever has been holding you back, get out there an tackle it!

We all have something we desire to change – celebrate by marking the calendar for the first day of making that change. — HT: National Calendar

If I could go back and do some things over again, I think I probably would. One of my regrets is looking at the first home we considered purchasing and thinking – “How in the world would we ever make payments on a home that cost $48,000?” This was about 30 years ago and homes in that particular neighborhood are worth a great deal more than they are now.

A few years later, we were preparing to move back to England and I had an opportunity to purchase a home for the equivalent of about $70,000. Sadly, I turned it down.  Those same homes are now selling 20 years later for over $300,000.

The reality is that I did not follow the wise advice of several who have stated, “The best time to buy a home is five years ago.”

Not one single realtor can EVER predict what the market will do. Currently, rates are low and the Dow Jones just hit 27,000 for the first time. This is great even for first time home buyers.

Sadly, like me, some clients and customers will hold off and hold off thinking that the rates are going to come down more or that home prices are going to take a big drop.  Statistically, Cheyenne has remained steady or shown big step price averages and this does not look set to change any time soon.

Challenge for July 2019 – consider stepping out of your comfort zone. Live a little on the dangerous side and STOP paying rent to a landlord when you can own your own home for the same or less money. Or, if you are interested in obtaining a nice rental investment, call me today at 307-286-0396 and I’ll help you get started.





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