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Go Big by Going Home!

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Have you ever heard that saying “Go Big or Go Home”?

We are going to explain this saying with a twist. We want to think of it as, “Go Big by Going Home.” I like this one in particular because there is a trend recently where many individuals are choosing to live in smaller homes. It is as if the pendulum swung back to the time where we want to have less of our income going to our mortgages and having more money to pay for additional amenities. However, with cost of living expenses there are other elements which may have you considering a bigger home.

There is also another trend that is coming back though too and that is multi-generational homes. Many young families have their parents moving into their homes. Some do it because it makes child care more affordable for the family and reduces cost of living for the grand-parents. In these instances you are actually seeing the need for more homes that offer a certain level of privacy. This way one family member can have their own space, but then there are prime common areas for all to enjoy.

Another newly developed need to up-size a home is the “co-parenting” divorced parents. Many couples who have decided to get divorce don’t want to put their children through the rotations they experienced growing up, where you are house hopping. Now, the parents are choosing to live in the same home but separately. They can raise their kids together and not have to uproot them each time “custody” shifts.

When assessing the purchase of a home for the purpose of up-sizing consider the following items:

  1. Is there opportunity to create privacy for various family members and visitors?
  2. What common spaces do you want to share with the whole family?
  3. Why are you up-sizing and will this allow you affordable amenities?

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we are committed to helping you find the right home for you and your family. Give us a call to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs, timeline, properties for sale in Cheyenne and your home buying budget. You can connect with one of our agents at 307-635-0303 or visit us online. We specialize in residential home sales, new construction, townhomes, investment properties, flips and commercial space.


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