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Giving Hearts Provide Better Outcomes

During the Pandemic a number of folks have been impacted and it has shaken the lives of many.

For those who are residents of Cheyenne you may have heard about some of the amazing efforts to support one another during this time but we wanted to take a moment to recognize them personally. At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we are extremely community-minded and are focused on investing in our amazing home to make it even more incredible for the people and families we have the honor of supporting through the real estate process. Therefore when we witness this same level of compassion and love through the actions of other businesses, we take the responsibility upon ourselves to make sure to celebrate it. Better outcomes are achieved when we act on our giving hearts. Here are some amazing examples:

Dad’s Donuts and the Boy’s Brew

  • Dad’s Donuts took the leap of opening a second location in Cheyenne. This came with additional expenses from remodeling the property to staffing it. When the pandemic required businesses to close the concern of having enough revenue to cover basic expenses of both locations was daunting. Rather than leaving it to chance, the business owners of Dad’s Donuts shared their challenge with the Cheyenne community and the weekend following the announcement there were cars lined up and down South Greeley highway to purchase donuts. They shared in the original announcement how they need around $5,000 in profits to cover their expenses and the community showed up to help!

Two Doors Down

  • The Jerry & Sandy Inniss, husband and wife team, own 2 Doors Down, the home of amazing burgers and bottomless fries. They are extremely compassionate people who have been able to keep Cheyenne vibrant through their love of food. Recently during the pandemic Jerry was videoed on social media for his act of kindness. He saw someone in need on the corner of Warren and took the time to find him a pair of shoes he could have. The fact he was doing this while no one was watching is what makes this a moment worth cherishing. We all genuinely care for the people in our community and will stop what we are doing to help others. Jerry’s actions were a clear example of this and he didn’t expect to be recognized for this, but he does deserve to be. He deserves to be applauded for his continued investment in the community as an entrepreneur and as simply a caring person.

So we challenge you to act on your kind hearts this upcoming month or document any kind actions you personally witness. Let’s spread the love and awareness of how these acts of kindness lead to better outcomes for us all.

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