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Get to the Real Estate Finish Line

What does an agent’s experience mean to you when it comes to selling your home?

It can mean the difference of several thousand more dollars in or out of your pocket.

Sometimes the easy part is finding a buyer. The hard part is negotiating the contract details! What do you do when a buyer makes a low offer on your home? What do you do when the repair request comes back higher than the contract amount agreed to? Or the buyer wants early occupancy? Last-minute demands from the lender? The opportunities for negotiating skills come up at every phase of a real estate transaction.

Ask your potential listing agent how they typically handle negotiations. Look for an agent that has the Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation. Most of the time, experience and understanding win! Having an agent on your side, working for you, who has years and transactions worth of experience, will undoubtedly work for you versus going alone into unknown territory.

If negotiations were easy, more of us would do it for a living! It can be stressful, and it requires immense skill to get all parties on the same page to get a real estate transaction through the entire process. There are a variety of moments when a transaction can go flat if not handled by an experienced agent. Most of the time, these flatlined real estate transactions are caused by poor negotiation. A big value add with an experienced real estate professional is their portfolio of negotiations. If they have been in real estate for a while, they have run into their fair share of complex transactions, and if they got through them, you know you have a problem solver on your side!

Visit us at 4000 Central, or give us a call, 307-635-0303, when you are ready to find the right real estate agent for you! We know a RE/MAX Capitol Properties associate is the best option, and we can find you the right agent for the job, no problem!

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