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Get Excited About Court!

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Who knew we as a community would be getting so excited about a new courthouse.

The City of Cheyenne married their Mayor’s “Fight the Blight” initiative with the need for a new Municipal Court last spring. The work session that designed this concept was in April of 2019 and the project has been moving along nicely. The Z’s Building occupied the street corner of 17th St. and Carey Avenue. They demoed the building and cleared it out during the summer of 2019. Then throughout the Fall and Winter, the building has been erected to feature the City of Cheyenne Municipal Courthouse. During the month of January Mayor Marian Orr took a tour with the recently inducted Judge Tony Ross. The building is projected to be completed in late July or early August of 2020 according to Mayor Marian Orr.

I used to work downtown when I first moved to Cheyenne almost 20 years ago and walked past this old building every day to the lot where I parked my car, now the big parking garage. While I love history and old historic buildings this building didn’t have that vibe. I look forward to walking down Carey Avenue when the courthouse opens to get the new feel between this location, The Met across the street and the future continued revitalization of Downtown Cheyenne.

There is another reason why I wanted to feature this particular building and story. I wanted to shed some light on just how important it is we take care of the buildings we have in our community. The City of Cheyenne had to make a hard decision to demolish a historic building because the property owner abandoned it and it was starting to cause public safety concerns. We are lucky to have a community who was willing to take action but ultimately we want to make sure that our property owners take the responsibility to make sure their building is contributing to society. What does that mean? It means that as property owners we have to make sure the property is safe and provides a healthy environment. It means we work hard to make sure it is occupied with good tenants and that we are being good neighbors. At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we pride ourselves on building a strong community and this is something we do each day with our work. That is why it is important for us to share this message and also our excitement for what is to come!



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