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Frequent, effective communication is the key

We are never too busy to communicate with our clients.

What sets us apart is our goal to provide frequent, effective communication. This is the foundation for a good working relationship.

We have all been there where you feel like you are left in the dark and being misinformed or not informed at all can cause additional layers of anxiety, frustration and can lead to disaster if not corrected. We don’t operate that way. Communication is at the center of our service. Our goal is to help our clients be 100% comfortable with the decisions they have to make and have made and to do that, our clients need to be informed. As your real estate consultant, we won’t forget about you once the sign goes in the yard. Instead, we will call you weekly with updates on all showings, open houses, and any changes that have occurred in the marketplace. Our eyes and ears will gather a wealth of information that we will share, so you too can be in the loop along the way. The biggest message we have for you as a seller is to not settle for limited communication. It is better to have an agent keep you posted on all aspects of your transaction from every stage, than to have an agent you don’t trust out in the community not representing your listing.

To do our communications job successfully, share with your agent your communication preference. If you are not a phone call person but prefer to be texted, tell them! Your agent will want to know this information so they can orient their strategy accordingly. Maybe you are the type who hates email, but would rather that than mail. Tell them! The more you can share and hold up your end of the bargain, the more happy you will be throughout your real estate journey.

Are you ready to list your home?

Give us a call at (307) 635-0303. Or feel free to stop into our location. We always have someone ready to visit with you to begin your real estate journey, 4000 Central Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001.

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