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First Impressions Are Lasting


Remember that time when you saw that one person walk through the door and everyone noticed?

Now apply that to a house. When you are driving down a street, have you ever done a double-take looking at a home? I have! Staging a home can help create this level of appeal for buyers. When they walk up the sidewalk to enter they should see the nice window finishing from the outside which tell you, this is a true home. Then walking up, something as simple as a “welcome” mat can do wonders. Additionally, the moment when they open the door and can see the home, you want them to feel invited in and capture their attention instantly with the layout, the colors, and the overall decor.

Staging a home is important because it tells a story to the buyers but it also helps them imagine themselves living in the home. Leaving a lasting impression also requires the buyers to notice characteristics. If you have ever watched an episode of Fixer-Upper, they “name” the properties the buyers are looking at based on certain characteristics. You don’t want your home to be known for the “weird smelling, dark, boring home” or the “plain Jane” house. You want it to be known for the charms that made you fall in love with it when you purchased it. With this in mind, get the buyers to notice them. Create that “it” factor where they cannot ignore the dining room corner built-in. Maybe they cannot pass up admiring the sleek kitchen finishing or the custom designed tile floors. Whatever it is, embrace the elements of your home which will leave a lasting first impression and do this with the use of staging to draw the eye.


Dining Room Built-In: Showcase some decor inside of the built-in and perhaps ad some lighting inside of the shelving if there isn’t already.

Kitchen Finishing: Make the kitchen more a focal point with a fresh bowl of produce in a paired chrome bowl.

Designed Tile Floor: Bring the eyes down by adding a floor plant and a simple ottoman with a pillow near the design.

If  you have a house in Cheyenne for sale, then these are just a few ideas that can help your home stand out. Our trustworthy real estate agents are here to guide you through the process. Call today 307-635-0303 or visit our website

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