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Feliz Navidad – Merry Mondays

The Office is a wonderful restaurant and venue in Cheyenne.

Homeee the elf, selected it to be featured in our Merry Mondays to remind everyone of some great locations that offer event spaces for reservation throughout the year. You can reserve rooms at places like The Office, The Metropolitan, Sanfords, 2 Doors Down, Blue Federal Credit Union Center, Wyoming Rib & Chophouse, and many others.

We also appreciate everyone taking the time to share some of your new year plans. We loved seeing and hearing about how you rang in the new year! We love that this time of year is all about connecting and enjoying the company of others, and we also love that it is a time of celebration. Let’s continue our Merry Monday celebration.

Feliz Navidad

Monday through Sunday, it’s a chip-tastic place

Where you can stuff your mexican food craving face 

Whether wanting some mole on your pollo or a buritto

Even bean dip or a deliciously made pico 

This family-owned restaurant has been here for a while

They have two spots so that it can be close, not miles

Comfort food can be of any background

They link to memories that are to be oh so profound

Where is Homeee, the elf?

Know where Homeee is? Here is what to do next:

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