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Fancy Coffee or Cozy Home?

What do fancy coffees and cozy homes have in common?

Surprisingly there are more common things between a fancy coffee and a cozy home than you may think. You see, both take commitment. If you regularly get a fancy coffee from your favorite local store, you know that those come with a pretty price tag. These $5+ orders start to add up over time. Buying a home is a big commitment too. They have a hefty price tag also, but the difference is you build equity. Equity means that the value of your home is not going to depreciate and go out the window like the empty cup of joe. Homeownership is pivotal in elevating socioeconomic across the Nation because you build what is referred to as a “net worth.” Celebrities are not the only ones who have a net worth; you do too!

Most people spend close to 2% of their annual income on fancy amenities like coffees from their coffee shops or a beer from their favorite brewery in a year. Imagine if you took that few grand and placed it into savings. Soon you could have a down payment for your home. We encourage you all to take this holiday season to not only assess your gift expenditures, but those leisure costs too, and determine where you can make incremental improvements to get one step closer to buying your first home. The achievement is closer than you think if you can focus your efforts and zero in on the steps needed to get there.

We get it! Those once Black Friday, now turned week of savings, deals look enticing, and they seem like they are once in a lifetime opportunities, but remember, so is owning a home. The reward that comes with having a cozy home spans beyond the purchase. A home is part of your life’s memories and is such a necessary purchase that exceeds any dollar value, deal, or discount these flash sales can provide.

Consider this our public service announcement during the holidays to make smart choices with your funds that will have a positive impact throughout your lifetime. Give us a call if you would like some holiday shopping anonymous support or if you want to learn more about how to purchase your home, (307) 635-0303.


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