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Fall Sports in Cheyenne WY

Live in Cheyenne WY

Have you noticed all the kids swarming the fields for sports lately? It must be time for school to start in Cheyenne WY!

It’s definitely that time of year when we see kids on every sporting field. Today I even had the pleasure of hearing the marching band practicing in the field next to the the high school football practice when I walked by on the Greenway! Football, volleyball, cross country teams and tennis are a few of the sports that I’ve seen going on recently.

With kids in Parks and Rec football, junior high football and high school volleyball it makes me grateful for the people who make sports happen here in Cheyenne. There are so many committed coaches, both staff and volunteers. Below are links to the high schools, junior highs and city leagues that I am familiar with in Cheyenne. Our family enjoys the relationships that are made on the field for our kids and the discipline they develop to be solid athletes through sports. We also enjoy the relationships it creates between families. So, if sports is a big part of your family, then Cheyenne has plenty to offer.

High Schools –

Central High School

East High School

South High School

Junior Highs –

Carey Junior High

Johnson Junior High

McCormick Junior High

City Leagues –

Park and Recreation provides terrific opportunities for Cheyenne and specifically younger kids. We have been very pleased with the gymnastics, swimming and football programs throughout the years. Currently you’ll see teams all over Cheyenne practicing to get ready for the first football weekend coming up.

There are many other sport happenings in Cheyenne that I am not familiar with, but ask around and I know you’ll find more than what you are looking for or the time to do them all. Cheyenne is a great place to live, work and raise a family. If you are considering a move to Cheyenne, then give us a call at 307-635-0303 or visit to get started!

Good luck to each athlete, team and school during this fall sport season! Be safe, have fun and enjoy all the opportunities you have to participate as the new school year approaches rapidly!

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