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Fa La La La – Merry Mondays

The Wrangler is an epic downtown location that adorns Capitol Avenue. 

Homeee, the elf, picked this store because it is a tourist and local favorite. It has a prime location in Cheyenne because it is a bright red beacon with historic letters spanning the rooftop’s edges, making our skyline unique. Think about the outside of the box when you shop for your loved ones this holiday season. It takes time to find the right gift for each person, but it is gratifying when you get it right. 

We can relate to the experience of shopping for just the right gift! When we help our clients find the right home, it makes all of the hard work and effort worth it. It is such a special feeling, and it is one that we would love everyone to experience. This week for our RE/MAX Capitol Properties Merry Mondays, we are excited to share a clue about a locally-owned business that continues to amaze us with its creativity. 


Each carol is filled with words of tradition

With each line, you feel like a holiday magician

Decking the halls with boughs of holly

Happens quickly with the season’s jolly

Ladders can help for hanging them high

Accomplishments to help us feel pride

The name of this store embodies this too

Let us give you a few more helpful clues

It starts with a LA, with a later A

Gifts for men that will make your day

Pop on by on the 1900 block

Where you can hear the cathedral clock 

Where is Homeee, the elf?

If you know, then you know what to do:

  • Follow Homeee, the elf, around Cheyenne by liking our Facebook and Instagram.
  • Look for posts sharing where Homeee is hanging out to be entered to win. 
  • Read our prompts and share a little about yourself. 
  • Then heart the post, and share. 
  • You will then be entered to win, $200.
  • Enter weekly and increase your chances of winning!

Remember, go to our social media and take a look to see some images and prompts. We will enter you into our drawing to win, and remember to participate.

Must be a Laramie County resident to win.

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