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In journalism, there is a “Day 1” story that typically follows a “Breaking News” announcement and then they do “Day 2” stories to give more context.

Here at RE/MAX Capitol Properties, we call these EXTRA EXTRA highlights on important businesses and news in our community. Have you ever noticed that the media will capture exciting “new” business openings in the news or they may share their closures, but what about all the year’s in between? RE/MAX Capitol Properties has been a long-standing agency in Laramie County and we have seen businesses come and go, but we want to stop to admire everyone for their monumental contribution to making our community an amazing one.

How are we going to achieve this? Well, we are going to highlight businesses by profiling them in this upcoming “Extra Extra” blog series. We are going to share with you information about their stories and celebrate the extra-ordinary impact they all have on where we call “home.” We are going to share with you our perspective on their stories and ultimately we are going to challenge you all to take 5 minutes out of your day to either stop-by their location, do business with them or simply make a phone call and make an introduction. You will be able to make a large volume of amazing connections quickly if you take the time to do this.

“Companies and leaders are role models – not just with the business community – but in the broader world.” expressed Chip Conley.

Therefore, let’s celebrate the role models that we have right here in our backyard. Let’s take a moment to deepen our understanding of one another and dive into building lasting relationships. If you want to connect with any of these outstanding businesses, give us a call – (307) 635-0303. We are happy to help you and let’s build the community we all desire. Plus, if you are someone ready to start a business and would like to find a good home to operate in Cheyenne or Laramie County, we are ready to assist you! There are so many great locations here in Cheyenne for a thriving business.


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