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Elicit Emotion

Have you ever said to yourself, I am going to follow my heart?

We have too and most individuals have at one time or another. This is an important factor to consider when selling your home. You’re attracting buyers to your home for the rational elements, the number of bedrooms, the overall size and price. But once they have pulled up on the street and are about to approach the property, the experience begins. What experience? The overall moment when you start to feel the “vibes” of the neighborhood, the feeling of the home and the functionality of the house. Overall the experience is hard to just communicate verbally, therefore staging can truly help. Stage your home to elicit emotion. Have the buyers walk through the entry way and feel like they could kick off their shoes comfortably and walk around. Create a focal point in the living room with the fireplace, so that the buyer can imagine the home on a cold winter day outside along with the warmth of the indoors. Better yet, make the kitchen an atmosphere where they can have all the ingredients in the world and hug over the counter, chatting it up with friends on fun island stools.

Derive emotion from the experience with three simple steps.

  1. Function: What is the purpose of the space and what elements are needed to communicate this purpose?
  2. Lighting: Sunlight and bright spaces create an “open” atmosphere and helps buyers feel both welcomed and happy. If you cannot use natural light, add light fixtures.
  3. Color: Have you ever seen a mood ring? Must I say more? Colors impact emotion immensely. Stick with neutrals around the home and then add an accent color to carry through the home. This is a quick way to make the experience cohesive and inexpensive.

Selling your home will be easier if you view it through the eyes of a buyer. We are here to guide you. Connect with us through our website or give us a call at 307-635-0303 today! We believe once you know us, you’ll like and trust us.

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