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Eat More Chicken?

Spicy chicken wings breaded with spices and ketchup on the table, top view


In the United States, National Fried Chicken Day is observed each year on July 6th.  On this day, fried chicken lovers across the country celebrate this American favorite at a nearby restaurant, home or an outdoor picnic.

Scottish immigrants brought their tradition of deep-frying chicken in fat to the southern United States. After its introduction to the American South, fried chicken soon became a staple. Over time, seasonings and spices were added to enrich the flavor of the chicken.

Fried chicken is a dish that consists of chicken pieces which have been floured or battered then pan-fried, deep-fried or pressure-fried. The breading adds a crisp coating to the exterior of the chicken.

Traditionally the chicken is fried in lard.  However, corn oil, peanut oil, canola oil or vegetable oil are also frequently used. — (HT – National Fried Chicken Day)

The problem with making assumptions is that they can often be wrong. For example, most people do not know that fried chicken originated in Scotland. And here, you thought, they only exported kilts and haggis.  Now, fried chicken is considered to be a meal that originated in the southern US. Today, many enjoy eating this famous dish at places like Mr. Bojangles, Cracker Barrel, Popeye’s Chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and yes, the cows wanted me to remind you to “Eat mor chiken” at Chick-Fil-A.

There is another assumption that people can make in regards to real estate. Making assumptions in the sale or purchase of a property can land you in as much trouble as the chicken that gets invited to dinner with the Colonel.

Here are a few helpful tips that will help keep you from trouble —

1) Don’t assume all realtors are looking out for YOUR best interests.

2) Don’t assume all homes in the same price range are of equal value.

3) Don’t assume all sellers are covering up problems in their home.

4) Don’t assume all buyers want half a million dollar home for $200,000.

5) Don’t assume all neighborhoods are equal in any way. Each one is unique.

And finally,

6) Don’t assume all chickens like invitations to dinner. This is why they run across the road.

After you have finished eating your chicken wings, call me and see what makes me different from other realtors at 307-286-0396.

Not Winging It,

Mark Escalera – Cheyenne Realtor

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