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Don’t Make These Home Seller Mistakes

We have all made mistakes, and it is okay as long as we are willing to learn from them. 

Far too often, home sellers fall into habits that are not contributing to their home sale. Here are the mistakes home sellers make and how we have taken a proactive approach to make sure they don’t happen!

Buy an ad to buy an ad. 

  • Listen, is it cool to see your listing in the newspaper or on the radio, sure. But does it bring you, homebuyers? Currently, there is a decrease in commuters because of the work-from-home structures that have been adopted by employers. And, for years now the circulation of print advertising has decreased because of reduced subscriptions. Therefore don’t be wooed by a real estate agent who says they will put your listing in the paper. It isn’t working. You are not generating homebuyers through this channel; your agent is only looking to attract new sellers and appease you! 

Only dabbling in digital

  • Go big or go home with digital advertising to sell your home. This starts with investing in professional photos. Have great photos taken of your home or consider getting a video made for social media. Most homebuyers start their home purchasing process online. Therefore the more eye-catching your home, the higher chance the digital content will catch the eye of potential homebuyers. Also, spending money on digital advertising can be extremely strategic if you need to stay within a budget. Your agent can research what type of homebuyer is best for your home and set up their digital ads to attract that specific audience. 

Not Living in “Model Home” Mode

  • We know you are most likely still living in the home you are selling. But, the home must be always in tip-top shape. This will make it easy to accommodate an impromptu home showing. The more accessible you can make your home to buyers, the sooner you will get an offer for consideration. More interest can also strengthen your negotiating power as a seller because your agent may then receive multiple offers allowing you more choices.

Your real estate professional at RE/MAX Capitol Properties will make sure to direct you accordingly for the best results. It is essential to find a professional you can trust and make sure to be prepared to do your part as a seller to help. Contact us if you are looking to sell, and remember, we will make sure you are positioned for success!

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