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Don’t Get Suckered


July 20th, National Lollipop Day, is an annual observation of this popular and flavorful treat.

Ever delightful and sweet, lollipops have been satisfying the sweet tooth for generations and possibly for centuries. They may have been a way to preserve nuts and berries in honey during prehistoric times. Much later when sugar was plentiful, lollipops appeared in 16th century Europe.

In the United States, confectionaries and medicine shops as early as the 1860s sold lollipops in various forms, but it wasn’t until 1908 that George Smith gave lollipops an official 20th-century story.   He gets credit for inventing the modern style lollipop and in 1931 trademarked the name which he claims came from his favorite racing horse, Lolly Pops.

They range from the small size, which can be purchased by the bag full and are also given away at banks, barber shops, and parades, to the very large ones that are made out of candy canes twisted into circles. (HT – National Day Calendar)

Lollipops are a favorite of children of all ages. Movies like The Wizard of Oz and the tv series Kojak helped to make these little very sugary treats a staple that keep dentists in business.

One favorite brand provided tiny balls of hardened sugar in various flavors. Many of the flavors do not live up to what they are supposed to be. However, one flavor is called “Mystery.” When we were little, my parents would take us to the doctor’s office or we would stop by certain businesses. While there, we would peruse the basket of suckers looking for our favorite flavor, but most of the time we would be out of luck. Leaving it to chance, sometimes I would select “Mystery” hoping for the best and would end up getting suckered.

Real estate buying or selling can be like selecting a lollipop. You hope for a particular flavor, but when you don’t find exactly what you want, you select “Mystery” and hope for the best.

But real estate and choosing a realtor does not have to leave you feeling like you have swallowed a spoonful of medicine at the doctor’s office without the sugared lollipop to chase it down. Choose your realtor carefully. Look for a person with integrity and a person who will help you find what YOU want, and is not simply after another commission check.

If you are buying or selling, call me at 307-286-0396 and see what kind of sweet offers we have in place. I will help you to find the right home at the right price and unlike the “Mystery” flavor, you will enjoy the sweet taste of having chosen the right realtor and won’t feel like you have been suckered.

Sweet to the core,

Mark Escalera – Cheyenne Realtor

307-286-0396 — Mobile phone

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