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Doggy Love

Take Your Dog to Work

Today, lets focus on puppies and dogs. We love them.

They are loyal, always excited to see you and often are the reason why you have to think about putting your toilet seats down, hide your shoes and so many other doggy proofing acts. The reason why we want to focus on dogs or our love for pets in general is they create a different kind of wear on a home. They can often cause damage to elements of a home from scratching for example or even through relieving themselves in the home. We love our pets so much! That is why we have 4 tricks to teach your dogs how much you love them and how much you love your home, all at the same time.

Keep them occupied

A bored pet is one that gets in trouble, provide them with many toys and make sure their day is filled with activity. It can be that simple.

Tour the home

Teach your dogs about a new space by escorting them around. Make sure you then show them directly to their location to use the restroom and encourage that behavior in that location. Repeat this until they get comfortable with a space. Let them smell, feel, see and hear the new environment but do it with you right there by their side.

Get down to their level

At our level, it is hard to see everything they see and all that they can get into. Look at the house through their eyes. Then, rearrange things so the areas of concern are addressed and things they are not to get into are no longer accessible.

Start small

Let them hang out in a location within the home alone! Yes, we said it. Alone! Make sure the space is small, do it one room at a time and let them hangout in that space, get comfortable with it. If they are in a room and get to see it, at a later time it is nothing special to them. It is like when you give a little kid toys. They play with the toy for a while when it is new and then they are over it after only a few minutes and want something new.
You put so much effort into your home and your pet, use these tips to make it a win win for everyone! If you and your dog need more space, then give us a call at 307-635-0303 or connect with us online to get your home search started.
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